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Payment processor options

Updated: Oct 23, 2013

  • More information about each of the credit card processing options

Tip: We recommend our standard credit card processing, as it's the smoothest experience for both organizer and attendees. Click here to see how to select a payment processor in Eventbrite. And go here for more information about our fees.


Note: The payment processor options available to you may vary depending on the currency in which you price your tickets.


Credit card processing 

- Fee: 3% per transaction

- This option offers the quickest and easiest experience for your attendees. Your attendees will stay on the Eventbrite site to complete their purchase. Credit card processing offers a significantly higher attendee purchase conversion rate than PayPal, which means more sales for you.

- No setup time or cost. Simply enter your mailing address (for events priced in US dollars only) or bank account information.

- We'll send you your funds via mailed check (for events priced in US dollars only) or direct deposit five business days after the event ends. 

- PCI compliant (learn more)



- Attendees are redirected to the PayPal website to complete their purchase, and are often prompted to log in to PayPal to pay with a credit card.

- Enter your PayPal email address to get started. (If you're a new PayPal user, you'll need to follow PayPal's instructions to verify your account before you can receive any money into your bank account.)

- You'll receive funds into your PayPal account immediately after a purchase is completed, though it may take up to a few days to transfer money into your bank account.


- Fee: varies, based on gateway fees and applicable discount rates

- Use your existing merchant account.

- To activate, call: 888.541.9753


Tip: Click here to see how to select a payment processor in Eventbrite. And to learn how to offer your attendees offline (non-credit-card) payment options, click here.

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